professional plumber in mesquite txprofessional plumber in mesquite tx Tankless Water Heaters Rockwall, TX

I'm a fan of the Rinnai tankless water heater. Among other reasons, given below, I like the fact that you can adjust the temperature of the water with a remote thermostat, plus or minus one degree, from multiple thermostats.

A tankless water heater can give you up to 8 gallons per minute of unlimited hot water. This means you can take three showers at the same time all day long and not run out of hot water.

Tankless water heaters can be installed outside your home on an exterior wall, thus leaving you aditional storage space inside your home where your existing water heater is now located, or they can be installed in the same location. I personally like the idea of relocating the water heater outside of the house for one main reason, to prevent possible water damage.

Tankless water heaters come in many different models for commercial and residential use. If you need more than 8 gallons per minute, for instance if you have a shower with multiple shower heads and or body sprays, they can be installed in sequence, in order to create the desired amount of hot water. In commercial settings you can replace a tank style water heater with a sequence of tankless water heaters, in order to accomodate your hot water requirements. Commercial tankless water heaters can also be adjusted to meet required water temperature needs for dishwashers and kitchen requirements.

Tankless Water Heaters are More Efficient

Your tank style water heater (if you have a standard 50 gallon tank) uses 40,000 B.T.U.'s or 40,000 matches to heat your 50 gallon tank. The Rinnai water heater uses 180,000 B.T.U.'s to heat the water. The reason is that it heats the water as the water passes through the tank not storing it and heating it, thus requiring alot more fuel to heat it, as it only has a split second to do its magic. Now this sounds like it is not as effecient as a standard water heater, but on the contrary it is very effecient. Keep in mind the tank style water heater is constantly having to heat the water even when you are not home. Tankless water heaters heat the water only when .5 gallons of water per minute flows through the heater. So when you are not using hot water you are not heating it.

What this means to the layman, is that you have to increase the gas flow either by pressure and or pipe size. The way you accomplish this in short, is to increase the pipe size, which means you may have to install a new gas piping system. This can be quite costly. You may also increase the gas pressure by testing your system with a higher pressure and installing a gas regulator to help increase the volume of gas being supplied to your home.

Then there is the small issue of the electrical outlet that is needed to power the computer board. A 110v circuit is needed. The venting of an exterior water heater is not an issue at all, there is no venting required. You do need to have at least 18" from an operable window and or door.

There are some models that do require venting. However, we can discuss those different options with you at your scheduled appointment.

Then of course, there is the small issue of city permits which we always need to have in any type of installation.

professional plumber in mesquite tx professional plumber in mesquite tx

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